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RefWorks: Clearing your cache

This guide was developed for Canadian university students by Scholars Portal, a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL).

Clearing your cache

When you run into problems with exporting references to RefWorks, or with the RefWorks online interface in general, it can help to clear your browser's cache. This is a common trick used to troubleshoot tech problems, which prompts your computer to load a fresh copy of the RefWorks website and any related data directly from the server. Select your browser below for instructions:


  1. Navigate to either Tools or Firefox > History, then select Clear Recent History:
  2. Select Everything as your time range, and select Cache:


  1. Navigate to the wrench at the far right of the URL bar, then select Settings:

  2. Display advanced settings:
  3. Navigate to Privacy, then choose Clear browsing data:
  4. Select Empty the cache:

Internet Explorer 9

  1. Navigate to the small wheel at far right, then select Internet Options:
  2. Under the General tab, navigate to Browsing History and select Delete:
  3. Check off Temporary Internet Files and select Delete:

Internet Explorer 8 and earlier

  1. Navigate to Tools, then select Delete Browsing History:
  2. Check off Temporary Internet Files and select Delete:


Navigate to the Safari menu, then select Empty Cache: