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RefWorks: Editing & moving references

This guide was developed for Canadian university students by Scholars Portal, a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL).

Editing a Reference

1. To edit a reference, locate it in your account and select the edit button from the grey menu bar:

2. Make your desired changes, then click Save. You can then select Duplicate to make a copy of a reference, or Next to move on to other references in your account or folder:

Adding Attachments

Many schools allow their users to upload attachments to their citations, but not all do. If you don't see this feature but would like it activated on your campus, contact your local RefWorks administrator.

To add an attachment to a citation, click the Edit button above the appropriate citation:

A lightbox will appear. Browse to the file you'd like to attach:

The attachment will upload, and should be immediately available. Now click Save Reference.


A paperclip will indicate that a reference has been attached:

Adding References to Folders

To add references to a folder, mark the desired references and then choose Selected, Page, or All in List. Note that the "Selected" references feature works on a page-by-page basis; you must move the selected references on this page before navigating to the next page:

To move the references, select the Add To icon and choose the folder to which you'd like to add references.


 In some browsers you can also drag the grey bar above a reference into any folder in the right-hand bar:

Removing References from a Folder

To remove a reference or references from a folder, navigate to the folder, select the references, and then select the small Remove icon:

You can also remove a reference from a folder at any point by selecting the Edit button:


An Edit Reference lightbox will appear. Select the icon next to folder and the folder will disappear (you may also add the reference to other folders here).
Select "Save Reference":


If your references are folder-less, you'll find them under the Organize & Share tab:

Deleting Duplicate References

Delete duplicate reference by navigating to View > Duplicates. Exact duplicates will bring up only perfect matches. Close duplicates will include those with very similar titles, authors, and publication years:


RefWorks will display all instances of duplicate references, with one instance already checked. Select the red X to delete all checked references:

If you have more than two instances, you will need to manually check off additional ones, or else re-run the duplicate search after your first deletion.

To limit your duplicate search to a single folder, navigate to the Organize & Share tab,select the folder icon next to any folder, then select Find Duplicates: