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RefWorks: Exporting references

This guide was developed for Canadian university students by Scholars Portal, a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL).

Exporting references

Exporting references is one way to share references with classmates or colleagues (RefShare is another option; see Sharing References for more information). Exporting can also be used to transfer references if you use a different citation management system, or if you switch schools and wish to transfer some of your old references into your new, active account.

To export references, navigate to References > Export:

You can export by folder, or export all of your references at once. Your reason for exporting will determine the export format:

  • The Bibliographic Software format exports references that can be imported into EndNote
  • BibTeX is a highly flexible .txt file
  • If you're sharing references with a fellow RefWorks user, use the RefWorks Tagged Format. The users can then use the RefWorks Tagged Format import filter to import the references into their account
  • Use the Tab Delimited format to build a spreadsheet of all of your references

Once you select a format and select Export, a file will be saved to your computer. For instructions on how to import this file into another RefWorks account, please see the page on Importing references manually.